Startup Specialists
We specialize in developing an MVP quickly, allowing you to evaluate the potential and viability of your startup
Boost your project
We develop software for your business
Forget about the technical part; We create your technological product so you can focus on your customers.
high development speed
Thanks to our expertise, we create your platform in record time, using our unique software pieces and agile methodologies
We can develop all the technology your company may need, no dependencies or duplicated tools. We integrate our software with any platform you may already use
Artificial Intelligence
We leverage the power of the latest AI engines to improve processes; data normalization, classification, speech to text, automation, etc..
Insource your development
Once the initial project has been launched, you can form an in-house team, and we will train them
Native integration with AWS
All your platform is natively built in AWS, with dockerized environments. Got a different provider? We can build the platform on Azure, GCP ...
Internal investment in R&D
We incrementally enhance efficiency to create technology of the highest quality in the shortest possible time
Customer Feedback
Our customers thoughts
We are proud to provide exceptional service to all our customers
"With Ganbaru we have forgotten about technology, we just focus on launching ideas and how things should work, they just turn them to reality."
Belén Rodriguez
Sales manager
"By far, the best team I've worked with. In just 3 weeks the platform was online and running, with a back office that allowed us to handle 10 times more workload and with the same staff"
Roberto Navarro
Operations Director