We create your customized technological platform with speed and precision
Your technological extension
Fast software development for your business
We help companies build a strong technology foundation, create innovative products and services, and address technical challenges that may arise along the way.
Mobile apps

We develop custom apps for iOS and Android adapted to 100% of your business needs.


Development of multichannel ecommerce platforms to optimize processes and sales

Custom web pages

Development of custom web pages, totally personalized for your business

360º startups

We develop an MVP quickly, allowing you to evaluate the potential and viability of your startup

Management back offices

Custom web programming to create solutions adapted to our clients


Allows integration with the main CRMs and ERPs on the market: Salesforce, Zoh, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage, Hubspor, Zendesk, SAP and Oracle

Advanced BI reporting

Access to all the platform's integrated data and creation of custom multidimensional reports

Workflows BPM

We implement workflows and processes so you can automate tasks. Event Orchestrator

Web Design and UX

We have solid experience in prototyping, web design and UX optimization. We advise our clients and accompany them throughout the creative process.

Our partners
Many companies have trusted Ganbaru as their technological partner to help them in different projects
Somos agentes digitalizadores
Benefíciate de las ayudas y subvenciones para la digitalización de empresas y autónomos
Comprehensive platform
We would love to work with you
In the Ganbaru process, we perform an active study of your project to identify key issues and propose tailored solutions
Smooth workflows
We deliver fast functional interactions for continuous feedback and product improvement
Advanced Backoffice
We deliver no-code tools that enable non-technical profile users to be fully autonomous
Data BI
Dashboards and on-demand reports generated from all the data extracted from the platform
Code property
All developed code is free of licenses, and you will be the owner, generating added value for your company
Fast and scalable development solutions
We create the basic architecture and infrastructure needed to get your project launched in a really fast way. We rapidly develop the MVP so yo can work on it or start selling.

All the services we offer allow startups and already stablished businesses, to have an effective web-based project or hybrid app that is tailored to their needs, including advanced features based on artificial intelligence and scalable infrastrucures which allows you to effectively grow in the market
Happy customers
Productivity increase
Positive reviews
We are a technology development company which combines high development speed, advanced specialized technological support, the use of artificial intelligence, extensive experience in BackOffice and apps, advanced analytics and also process automation, to offer fast TTM and scalable solutions that drive to success businesses and startups in today's market.
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