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In 2020, Leroy Merlin, a leading company in the DIY, decoration, gardening and construction sector, proposed an ambitious initiative: offering its customers the possibility of personalizing and purchasing custom products through an online platform. This platform would allow customers to design and adapt products according to their preferences and needs. The project began with curtains, but its success led to the gradual incorporation of other products related to the company.

Today, from the website amedida.leroymerlin.es, customers have the ability to customize not only curtains, but also windows, floors, mosquito nets, pergolas, lawns and more. This initiative reflects Leroy Merlin's commitment to providing a unique and personalized shopping experience to its customers.

To carry out this project, Leroy Merlin partnered with Ganbaru, a company specialized in the development of customized technological solutions. Ganbaru worked closely with Leroy Merlin to create a bespoke, scalable platform that could adapt to both the growing variety of products and changing customer needs.

Development scope

The scope of services provided by Ganbaru was broad and included the following key functions:

  • Control panel manageable by non-technical personnel: An easy-to-use control panel was developed that allowed Leroy Merlin employees to manage the platform without the need for advanced technical skills.
  • System Integration with Suppliers: Implemented effective integration with Leroy Merlin suppliers to ensure efficient workflow from product customization to delivery.
  • Multi-language support: The platform was designed to be accessible in multiple languages, which facilitated its international expansion and its use by clients in different countries.
  • Scalable Configurator: The platform was designed so that it could be adapted and expanded to include new products and levels of customization in the future.
  • Design and layout of visual content: Images, creatives, videos and other audiovisual resources were created that aligned with Leroy Merlin's corporate identity, providing an attractive visual experience to users.


The project represented a significant challenge for Ganbaru due to Leroy Merlin's central focus on product sales and collaboration with a large team of professionals both nationally and internationally. The successful collaboration between Leroy Merlin and Ganbaru has continued, resulting in the creation of new custom configurators for additional products, demonstrating the value and effectiveness of this partnership in improving customer experience and expanding customer services. Leroy Merlin globally.

Today, our strong and fruitful collaboration with Leroy Merlin has continued to advance and evolve significantly. At Ganbaru, we continue to work hand in hand with Leroy Merlin to develop and implement customized software solutions that meet the changing needs of their clients and further improve the experience in key areas of their business, such as kitchens, appliances and renovations. .

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Custom product configurator
Leroy Merlin
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