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Rental management platform

In the exciting world of service digitalization, Ganbaruture stands out as an exceptional technology partner. Collaborating with service sector giants, such as Haya Real Estate, on innovative projects that have completely transformed their internal operations and driven their productivity to new heights.

One of the most notable achievements of this collaboration took place in 2021, when Ganbaru developed the 'Rental Management' platform for the prestigious Spanish servicer Haya Real Estate. This ambitious project allowed Haya Real Estate to comprehensively manage the rental cycle of all its assets, from the formalization of contracts to debt management and renewals, including the development of a personalized portal for tenants. This versatile and comprehensive solution not only improved operational efficiency but also provided an exceptional experience to both Haya Real Estate's tenants and clients.

The project was divided into three main phases: Formalization, which ranged from registration and sanction to the formalization of offers; Debt Management, whic included friendly recovery and judicialization; and Maturities, intended to manage renewals and deposits. These phases were supported by a complete control panel that allowed Haya Real Estate to manage all the tasks associated with each module effectively.

Development scope

In the context of the services offered by Ganbaru Technologies, the following fundamental functions were covered:

  • Backend software intended to supervise and manage all activities related to the formalization, debt management and maturity modules
  • Creation and integration of a document manager
  • Prototyping, ad-hoc designs for desktop/mobile and custom workflows for desktop and mobile devices, which ensured a smooth and efficient user experience
    Incident management system
  • Key integrations with tools such as Salesforce, REM, Prinex, digital signatures and payment gateways
  • Dynamic panel generator (dashboards) that provided information in real time.
  • Multichannel communications tool
  • Tenant web portal for clients, which simplified and streamlined procedures for Haya Real Estate clients. This not only improved customer satisfaction, but also contributed to Haya's reputation as an industry leader.
  • Testing and QA. Quality assurance is a fundamental principle in software development, so a rigorous testing and quality control process was carried out to ensure the platform met the highest standards.


This collaboration did not stop at that milestone, as Ganbaru has continued to work tirelessly with Haya on subsequent projects, including the creation of platforms such as DND, a comprehensive tool that has revolutionized asset management and the development of real estate developments. This long-standing partnership reflects Ganbaru Technologies' commitment to continue innovating and delivering cutting-edge technology solutions that have a significant impact on its customers and the industry as a whole. Digital transformation is here to stay, and Ganbaru is at the forefront of this exciting change.

Nombre del proyecto
Property Manager
Haya Real Estate
Web development
Software ad-hoc, integraciones, Scrum, UX, BackEnd and frontEnd
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